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Star Material

The nickname Enri is taken from the amazing footballer Thierry Henry. This being Thailand however, he is now known as Ong Lee, or simply Ong for short. Enri is a truly international kid. On his fathers side he has English, French and Dutch descendants, while on his mothers there are Lao and Thai.

Likes skateboards, football, motorbikes and anything else that’s fast. He particularly enjoys trips to the zoo and the beach and is now desperate to drive a jet-ski. The Wii has also taken his interest of late but I will try to encourage him to do more sports as Khon Kaen is soon to have a sports center.

Enri has soon learnt that he’s cute, not just baby cute, but cute to the point where, when out shopping we get stopped regularly by people wanting to take a snap of him. On one trip to a mall in Bangkok he was snapped by 5 different couples... I think it’s the dimples!

Ambitious                              Determined


Name: Alongkorn Michaud

Nickname: Enri (Ong Lee)

Nationality: Thai/English

Home Town: Khon Kaen

Birthday: 13/12/03

Favorite TV: Power Rangers

Favorite Football Club: Arsenal

Favorite Food: Sweets

Favorite Drink: Hot Chocolate

Favorite Cuddly Toy: Tigger

Favorite Toy: Skateboard/Wii

Favorite Animal: Heffalumps


The Early Years


Party Boy


Skateboard Video’s

Are these the worlds largest dimples?

         Mum                          Dad


aka Zorg the Imperious

(Also looking gorgeous)

Looking Gorgeous