So far I have produced films on such varied subject matter as Wildlife Conservation, Global Warming, REDD, Water Management, Community Development, HIV Aids, TB, promoting University courses, Law Enforcement as well as several Wildlife films.

My work has included filming wild Siamese crocodiles for the BBC series “Saving Planet Earth”, dubbing films into Khmer and providing stock footage to numerous clients such as Animal Planet, Granada TV and Australia’s Channel 10.

Conservation Agreements in the Cardamoms

A film about conservation agreements with local communities to protect the forests and wildlife of the Cardamom mountains. These include the critically endangered Siamese Crocodile and the Asian Arowanna or ‘Dragon Fish’. Produced for Conservation International.

7:49 minutes 27.8mb 2009

Cons Agrmts Flash Version.flv


This is a short film about Chhouk and attempts to fit him with a prosthetic foot. Chhouk is around 3 years old and was discovered wandering alone and in great pain after losing his foot to a snare. He was rescued and brought to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center.

5:45 minutes 21mb 2009

Chhouk Flash Version.flv

Serengeti of Asia

A selection of clips from this 24 minute film, including the first ever shots of wild siamese crocodiles, the critically endangered Giant Ibis, the Mekong dolphins, which are close to extinction, as well as many other rare and beautiful animals. One of my earliest films and edited in my spare time from existing footage.

7:37 minutes 26.8mb 2007

Serengeti Flash Version.flv

Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team

A film about the work of the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team in reducing wildlife crime in Cambodia. Almost 40,000 wild animals rescued and 1,900 wildlife traders apprehended.

Produced for Wildlife Alliance.

5:11 minutes 18.5mb 2009

WRRT Flash Version.flv

Selection of Other Films

Cambodia’s Natural Heritage

3 Part wildlife series made for broadcast locally on CTN with support form WCS & WWF Cambodia. Includes the only existing footage of the now extinct Kouprey, courtesy of WCS. (Khmer, English Subtitles) 24 min each, 2005

After Cutting the Forest

Connecting forest Loss, water and resource management. Produced for MJP Asia (Khmer, English Subtitles) 20 min, 2009

Public Health at Risk in Thailand

About HIV Aids drugs and FTA’s. Produced for Oxfam America (English) 10 min, 2006

The Seima Biodiversity Conservation Project

Wildlife Conservation in Seima. Original version from 2005 produced for WCS Cambodia. (Khmer, English Subtitles) 23 min

Saving For Change

Small scale saving can change lives. Co-Produced with Christophe Waskow for Oxfam America (English) 6 min, 2006

Maternal Healthcare

Educational film on Maternal Health/ Produced for CARE (Khmer) 17 min, 2004

TB Education

Educational film about TB. Produced for CARE

(Khmer) 11 min, 2004

Feed the Bears

A short film I threw together for free for Free the Bears, who look after rescued Sun and Black bears at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. One of my favorite NGO’s doing some great work with these charismatic animals.

3 minutes 10.5mb 2008

Feed Bears Flash Version.flv

REDD in Prey Long

Short Promo to the full 26 minute version, which is available in English and Khmer. This film is about Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, or REDD. Produced for the University of Copenhagen and the Blue Moon Fund was shown during the Copenhagen Climate Change talks in December 2009.

6:40 minutes 23.6mb 2009

REDD Flash Version.flv

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre

Short film on the work of Wildlife Alliance at the PTWRC, one of the regions leading rescue centers. The centre is now home to more than 1,200 animals, the majority of which were confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade.

6:45 minutes 23.6mb 2009

PTWRC Flash Version.flv

Below are free low resolution versions of a selection of films.

Quicktime - Simply click on the DVD labels to watch.

Flash - Download a file and watch on it your computer.

The Green Road to Sustainable...

Short film on the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation project in Samlaut. I have seen many NGO projects across Cambodia and I must say this is one of the most outstanding. The healthcare centre and schools are particularly impressive. Unlike many similar projects they have made a point of high quality training for staff.

5:53 minutes 2010

This film can be viewed at

Forest & Landscape Engineers

A short film produced to promote Forest and Landscape Engineer courses available from the Forest School in Nødebo, Denmark. (Danish Language)

7:15 minutes 25.6mb 2009

Frst Land Flash Version.flv

Conservation International Greater Mekong Program

Short version of the 26 minute film. This film discusses the link between the Cardamom Mountains, the Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong river and how this connection plays a vital role in the livelihoods of many millions of people across the region.

5:33 minutes 22.4mb 2010

Grt Mekong Flash Version.flv

Seima Protection Forest, Cambodia

Short film produced for the Wildlife Conservation Society about the efforts to protect the forests and wildlife of the Seima area of Mondulkiri province in Eastern Cambodia. Arguably Cambodia’s premier site for wildlife.

7:30 minutes 30.4mb 2010

Seima Flash Version.flv

Fishing on the Tonle Sap Lake - Conservation International Greater Mekong Program

Chhouk testing his new foot - Chhouk

University of Copenhagen team collecting botanical samples in Prey Long forest - REDD in Prey Long

Two baby Asiatic black bears being treated on a rescue - Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team

Clearing snares in the Cardamom Mountains - Conservation Agreements in the Cardamoms

MJP Asia staff and government rangers checking freshly cleared forest - The Green Road to Sustainable Communities...

Female Douc Langur in Seima forest, Mondulkiri - Serengeti of Asia

Indigenous Land Tenure in Mondulkiri

Film about a pilot project providing land security for indigenous communities in Cambodia. Having legal rights to their traditional lands ensures security for them and for their children. Produced for WCS and The Asia Foundation.

6:30 minutes 24.9mb 2010

Indig Tenure Flash Version.f4v

Resin tapping - Indigenous Land Tenure in Mondulkiri