BIOGRAPHY: English photographer and filmmaker based in Cambodia since 2001. Specialising in conservation and environmental issues, as well as photographing and filming the rare wildlife of the Kingdom. Photographic successes include a picture of the previously thought to be extinct Giant Ibis, which appeared in National Geographic Magazine. World firsts such as filming wild Siamese Crocodiles in 2003, Black Shanked Douc Langurs among others, as well as numerous critically endangered Waterbirds and other rare wildlife.
Subject matter covered in films includes various environmental and conservation issues such as, Global Warming, Wildlife Rescue, Environmental Law Enforcement, Dams, REDD, Community Development  and Indigenous Land Tenure, as well as Cambodia’s first wildlife television series “Cambodia’s Natural Heritage”. Other work includes films on education and health issues such as HIV Aids, TB and maternal healthcare. Organising Environmental Film Festivals and Cambodia’s first “Eco-Festival” involving more than 20 NGO’s. Clients include the BBC Natural History Unit, Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International, Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation and Oxfam America to name just a few.

In addition, articles have been published in local and regional newspapers like the Bangkok Post. Media Development has included setting books and reports, such as the “Cambodian Mammal Guide” and producing posters and other media, including this rather simple web site.

You are welcome to Download Images or the Films on this site although the photographs do have a watermark to avoid illegal reproduction. For further information on services or purchasing high-resolution copies of photographs, please feel free to contact me at


SERVICES: Cameraman, Photographer, Documentaries, Editing, Film Dubbing, Voiceovers, Photographic Library, Footage Library, Equipment Rental, Event Organizer, Media Production, Filmmaking/Photographic Training etc.

Latest Film: ”Cambodia: Forests, Water, Life.”

Latest PHOTOS: “Preah Vihear, Bombs & Birds”

Various photographs from a trip to Preah Vihear province between the 3rd and 8th Feb. This was a surreal experience. We had no idea fighting had kicked off on the Thai border, some 60 km north of us. While sitting in our hide on the morning of the 5th we started to hear distant rumbles. Initially we couldn’t work out what it was, then as it intensified we realised it was explosions... See BLOG
See Films including...
Conservation International Greater Mekong Program A film on the link between three diverse landscapes, the Cardamom mountains, Tonle Sap lake and the Mekong river.
Chhouk the amputee baby asian elephant. A remarkable story about this charismatic little animal.
REDD in Prey Long About reducing deforestation through REDD. Shown at Cop15 in December 2009.
The Green Road to Sustainable Communities - Green Spaces and Human Development
A short film produced for Maddox Jolie Pitt Asia about their project 
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Bangkok Post Articles:
Cambodia’s Vultures
Batagur baska
A 45 minute film about the benefits we all receive from forests, and their connection to watershed management and water security. The full film can be viewed on Youtube at or you can watch the shorter ‘educational’ version at The film is copyright free and anyone is welcome to copy or share either version.

Wild elephant in Keo Seima.


Elephant Flash.f4v

Download a selection of recent wildlife footage
Wildlife Selection
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The frustrations of getting films broadcast. Particularly when your local English language newspaper  wrecks all your hard work.


Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker specializing on Environmental & Conservation issues across Cambodia and South East Asia since 2001.

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Are these the world’s biggest dimples?